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Fairy Tales
Together with the many-hat-wearing Anna Piwowarska, I produced a series of Polish legends and fairy tales for Polish Radio’s external English-language service. Anna did the writing and performing – translating and dramatizing the stories. I directed, and produced the audio. We had incredible fun making them – including recruiting colleagues and random talented people from the floors of Polish Radio to lend their voices and make goofy sound effects. The response to them was lovely, especially from Polish cultural organizations from as far away as Australia, excited to use them as a teaching tool to talk to kids about Poland. Here are a few of our favourites.

Pan Twardowski

There once lived a nobleman named Pan Twardowski. Not your typical member of Krakow society, he made mischief with magic and rode around on a giant rooster. Then he made a deal with the devil…


The Dragon of Wawel Hill

Long, long ago, Kraków was a small village terrorized by a big dragon.

Until a humble shoemaker had an idea…